The Spatial Lab

The spatial lab is a centre for spatial analysis and GIScience research in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. We focus on developing and applying cutting edge spatial analysis techniques to understand dynamic processes. The work in the Spatial Lab often crosses disciplinary boundaries, and we collaborate with excellent researchers in fields from ecology, to urban planning, to computer and information science. Our work lies at the interface of spatial analysis, epidemiology, and ecology. For what we are working on right now, see the current projects page.

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Recent publications on Google Scholar: Colin Robertson

Web Projects – mapping and tracking backyard skating rinks across the globe – monitoring and mapping emotions in cities using Twitter

News & Events

New Paper Published in GeoJournal: Towards a geocomputational landscape epidemiology: surveillance, modelling, and interventions

New Paper Published by Spatial Lab student Julia Metelka in AIMS Public Health: Japanese Encephalitis: Estimating Future Trends in Asia

New Paper Published by Spatial Lab student Haydn Lawrence in Proceedings of the Joint International Conference on Geospatial Theory, Processing, Modeling and Applications:  Identifying optimal study areas and spatial aggregation units for point-based VGI from multiple sources

Recent Figure

From the paper: Assessing Quality of Spatial Models Using the Structural Similarity Index and Posterior Predictive Checks

Spatial model results comparing a reference map (observed data) with one replicate data set simulated by a random draw from posterior distributions of model parameters (replicate data). The SSIM index, squared error, and SSIM components are presented. Dashed lines indicate areas of spatial discrepancy based on SSIM index analysis.