Dr Colin Robertson obtained his PhD in Geography from the University of Victoria in 2011. Colin’s research interests centre on four inter-related areas: developing methods and tools for spatial-temporal analysis, spatial modelling and surveillance at the animal/human health interface, citizen science and user-generated spatial data for enhancing community engagement in environmental research, and landscape scale spatial pattern analysis.
Dr Steven Roberts received his PhD in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2003. His doctoral work entailed the development of both a spatial data meta-model approach and prototype Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization application using real-world GIS data sets and a Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm to solve a spatial multi-objective combinatorial optimization problem.Steve’s research interests centre on the design and development Geographic Information Science based tools for use in understanding landscape structure and in decision support applications for environmental land use planning. Specific fields of interest include: spatial data models and data structures, combinatorial optimization, genetic algorithms (Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization), applied graph, matroid and category theory, landscape ecology, and parallel and shared memory computing.
Dr Chiranjib Chaudhuri I love to contribute to the research of weather modeling, hydrological modeling, environmental science, climate change analysis, and their implication on the society. I want to become an expert in the research of climate change and its effect on the terrestrial hydrology cycle and its communication to the society. I am currently pursuing my Post-Doctoral research in Citizen Science project under the umbrella of Global Water Citizenship program. As part of the project I am trying to translate the modelling outputs to community information needs and vice versa using Big Data technology.

Current Graduate Students

Karim Malik (PhD)

Haydn Lawrence (PhD)

George Heath (MSc)

Nick Wilson (MSc)

Benjamin Friedrich (MSc)

Ben Bondaruk (MSc)

Majid Hojati (PhD – January 2019 start)

Research Assistants

Annie Gray
Annie Gray is a fourth-year student at Wilfrid Laurier University, studying Geography and Geomatics. A recent addition to
the Spatial Lab, Annie is primarily involved with the Global Water Citizenship project. Her research interests include GIS
applications to physical geography and the development of an R Shiny-based tool for CBM water quality data analysis. Annie is an
aspiring geoscientist, with a particular love for rivers and exploring the outdoors.


Clara Greig (MSc, 2018)

Lauren Yee (MSc, 2018)

Julia Metelka (MSc, 2016)

Courtney Jones (MSc, 2016)

Kara Schimmelfing (RA)

Cameron Plouffe (MSc 2015)

Sriram Subramanian (Intern)

Kevin Horrocks (RA)

Samantha Dunlop (RA)

Haydn Lawrence (MSc, 2014)

Joel Meier (MSc, 2014)

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